Best Way to Cook a Duck Breast with Any Recipe


Duck is one of the most versatile meat on the planet with a huge variety of recipes and methods to cook it from all over the world due to its immense popularity. Today, duck meat is popular when served for occasions and serving for guests either as breasts, thighs or whole. Ducks are birds that are covered in a thick layer of fat that needs to be rendered (melted) out from beneath the skin during the cooking process this duck can turn out dry and tough in a blob of fat or it can come out juicy, luxurious, topped with crispy skin.

Here are the steps to achieving that star duck dish every single time with any recipe.

Pat dry the meat

Take out your duck breast from the package and discard any kind of juices. Now let the meat sit and then pat it dry with paper towels and take out all moisture over the meat.

Score the meat

Take your sharpest knife and score the fat on the meat in a criss-cross manner across the breast. This is one of the most important steps to getting that fat rendered well and the skin crispy dry by getting maximum fat exposed to the heat to melt without sogging the skin. Always remember not to cut into the meat while scoring.

Season your meat

Always liberally season your meat with kosher salt and pepper in between the scored skin to get the maximum seasoning absorbed into the meat. As fat does not absorb any seasoning, makes sure it finds liberal amounts into the scores as mentioned above.

Pan Sear you meat

Searing your meat the right way is another step to getting it perfectly done.  Unlike chicken breast which needs to be seared in high heat with additional fat, duck breast needs no additional fat as using additional fat would lock the meat’s natural fat into a thick blubbery, unappetizing part attached to the meat. Start by placing the meat fat-side down in a cold pan, and turn the stove to a low setting. Instead of searing the meat and trapping the fat, this allows the fat to melt, and to slowly crisp. The process should take about 12-15 minutes and as the fat renders in fat builds up, pour it off into a bowl. This step will give you the best base for your duck breast recipe. If you need more help, check out this easy duck breast recipe.