Everything You Must Know About Montreal Nightlife!


If you enjoy craft beers and bar hopping, Montreal is probably among the best destinations in the world to indulge in diverse experiences. Known as the Paris of Canada, Montreal is all about fun. While most tourists spend the days enjoying the sights in different districts, the nightlife in Montreal is happening and full of unique and diverse adventures. The good thing about this destination is the range of choices it offers. No matter whether you want to splurge on an upscale and known place like Mad Hatter Pub or want to go club hopping at cheaper rates on a budget, there are enough choices in Montreal. Here’s what you need to know.

Where to go?

Downtown has some amazing places, and if you are in mood for just bar hopping, Rue Crescent is a good place to start. The restaurants here are upscale and extremely posh, but the idea is to serve the tourists and English-speaking people, so the prices are quite justified in that respect. Plateau is another district that’s full of happening bars. By the night, Boulevard Saint-Laurent is buzzling with amazing choices, and there’s one event or the other all through the week. In fact, if you want to experience the student crowd, Boulevard Saint-Laurent is where you need to come.

What’s more?

For those who want to save some money and enjoy the francophone feel, Rue Saint-Denis is the place to head. There are some really cheap bars here, and the good thing is you will never have to wait. Montreal has more than enough places just to keep everyone busy. Bar events are a point of interest here, but check in advance. If you want to get more of craft beers, there are organized tours that you can check. Please make enquiries in advance, especially in case you are moving in a large group or want to organize a party.

Other points of interest

Dance clubs are quite popular in Montreal, and most of these are scattered around the downtown area. The clubs and bars serve alcohol till 3 am, and if you are not ready to retire, some of the best after-hour clubs await here. These are open till 10 am in the morning, but please note that alcohol is not served by law. Also, you can go for karaoke sessions. Rooms are usually available by hour, and you can get more offers during happy hours.