Gurgaon’s Best Microbreweries for Beer Lovers


Gurgaon is a business city in the NCR region of India. The city has grown from a deserted village to a full-fledged living and breathing city. However, it isn’t just famous for the companies that have set up offices there. The city is also famous for its freshly brewed beers. Gurgaon has nearly perfect climate to brew the best beers, which is why there are many microbreweries in the city.

It can be daunting to choose the right one. So, we have created a comprehensive list of the best microbreweries of Gurgaon. These microbreweries should be tried by each and every beer lover. Here is the list of the best microbreweries of Gurgaon:

  1. Batli 29:

Situated in Sector 29, Gurgaon, Batli 29 though doesn’t look very spacious from outside, has a really huge seating capacity. It is one of the busiest breweries, so table booking is highly advised here. The highlight of the brewery is that it doesn’t just serve its own brewed beers, but a full bar is available. The place has live sports screening and music. A dedicated smoking area is available so that non-smokers don’t get troubled by it.

A beer pint costs about Rs160 and people love the freshly brewed Wheat Beer of this microbrewery. The snacks are delicious as well and the staff is prompt and friendly. The place has got rave reviews about the music and DJ and the décor is top notch as well.

  1. Warehouse Café:

Another one of the finest microbreweries in Sector 29 is Warehouse Café. This place has one of the best décors in the entire club/lounge sector in Gurgaon. It also has superhero elements such as the walls have bat signs showcased and there are funny superhero pamphlets that depict the ambiance in a quirky and jovial manner. It has a truly likeable ambiance and the DJ would definitely get you to tap your feet, as the music is excellent.

Fresh German beer is served by the café and it has a really nice collection of different drinks. The place also hosts many super events, which make it much more inviting!

  1. Nowhere BrewPub:

This is the only place that has fully matured beer and is at least 2 to 4 weeks old in its menu. Nowhere is located in Galleria Market. Even their glasses boast of the same with quotes like “carefully crafted by heart with passion and patience. Maturation!” The DJ here is also excellent. This pub is famous for the matured beer, but it has an excellent collection of cocktails as well. The food is good enough and the menu is pretty vast and well thought of. If you need to have a corporate party or private gathering, then this place is perfect for you. 500ml mug of beer costs INR 295 here and a 1000ml mug costs INR 525.

  1. 7 Degrees Brauhaus:

This microbrewery is located in South Point Mall, which is on Golf Course Road. It has a great reputation for being one of the best places to get beers in the entire city. It is an airy brewery with high ceilings and the ambience of this brewery is lovely. There are very large barrels of beer behind the counter, which makes it a very inviting place. This brewery is also famous for its wheat beer. The food is excellent and has some of the best cuisine (Continental and German). The Bruschetta of this place is mouthwatering. Overall, the place is best if you want to hang out with friends casually and have a couple of beers.

These are the best microbreweries of Gurgaon and some of them are the best in the entire NCR region. If you are a beer lover, then you must have the special brews of each and every one of these microbreweries!