Never Miss Breakfast at the Sinclair Restaurant


The Breakfast Menu at the Sinclair Restaurant in L’Hotel St-Sulpice is one of the best you will find in Montreal. Whether you want a luxurious morning meal away from home or truly want to get the most out of your vacation, check out what they have to offer.


The Breakfast Service menu consists of basic breakfast plates that are pretty common across all of North America (not just Canada).

  • Continental—a basket selection of Danishes and muffins served with sliced fruits, Quebec cheeses, as well as a variety of yogurt and cereals, with juice, coffee or tea
  • Healthy—the Healthy Plate consists of a plate of sliced fresh fruit, cottage cheese, a poached egg and served with juice, coffee, or tea
  • Canadian—a pair of eggs served any style with bacon, ham, and smoked sausages served with roasted potatoes and toasted bread with juice, coffee, or tea


The Specialty Breakfast menu consists of more inspired breakfast selections, plates that might be more common in international cities like Montreal.

  • Daily selection of fresh fruit, served in a cup, with plain yogurt, granola, and local organic honey
  • Slim Sinclair—a stack of pancakes served with fresh, sliced bananas and a hot, melted chocolate Nutella fondant,
  • Smoked salmon served atop bagel chips with sour cream, dill, and Spanish capers, served Napoleon style
  • Brioche French toast served with maple syrup, a Chantilly cream, and a homemade maple caramel; can also be served with a Chantilly cream and “creme Anglaise” (instead of caramel)
  • Alla Toscana—a Tuscan-style breakfast sandwich consisting of two eggs served Sunny Side Up with a tomato, onion, and bell pepper salsa served, with an option for prosciutto chips
  • Tartine Alla Toscana—Tuscan-style classic tartine consisting of 2 sunny side up eggs, served with prosciutto chips, shredded basil leaves, and a tomato jam

EXTRAS ($4 – $6)

Of course, no matter how well designed the plate might be, you might want something that is not included.  Fortunately, the Extra section of the menu consists of things like:

  • yogurt or cottage cheese trifle
  • Toasted Montreal bagel served with cream cheese
  • A grilled French baguette served with butter & jam
  • A selection of cereals
  • Cup of oatmeal served with hot milk
  • European pastry basket
  • Seasonal fruit salad bowl

BEVERAGES ($3 – $5)

Of course, no meal is complete without a refreshing beverage:

  • coffee or tea or herbal tea
  • selection of juices (orange, cranberry, grapefruit, apple)
  • cappuccino, latte, espresso, macchiato, mocha
  • double espresso, mocha chocolate