The pleasant taste of stockfish makes them appealing


Cod are migratory fish that like cold water. These fish come to the surface during the winter months but goes towards the coast for depositing their eggs, thus, present the fishers an opportunity to catch them for the production of different end products, like Stockfish, fresh cod fillets, salted codfish, etc. The members of the cod family comprise Haddock, Ling, Tusk, and Sey, and different imports specialize in the import of the excellent quality stockfish. The mere mention of codfish which is popularly recognized as stockfish brings nice recalls in the minds of countless people who can’t afford it any longer.

Benefits of stockfish

  • Nutritional benefits – These fish are a superb source of many minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that are vital for the healthy operation of your body and they include omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron, vitamin B, and calcium. Go for Icelandic stock fish as these fish are ideal for traditional dishes which need little-sized stockfish pieces, like Vegetable Soup, Nsisa, Ugba, etc.
  • Lessens the level of cholesterol – Cod stockfish oil turns as an outstanding source of omega-3 fatty acids and good HDL cholesterol, thus, reducing the danger of heart diseases, like heart attacks.
  • Manages your weight – Cod stockfish comprises a low-calorie value, therefore, eating the fish aids a person in maintaining a balanced weight. Additionally, these fish make you feel full and satisfied easily, thereby; help you to lessen your intake of calories. Again, if you wish to decrease your consumption of high calorie in frozen or fresh stockfish, you can bake, grill, or poach the fish. It would be better if you can prefer to take dried stockfish. However, you must abstain from smoking or fry the stockfish as according to studies; it has been revealed that if you consume smoked fish, then you suffer the risk of having stomach cancer.

The process of preparing dried stockfish

Dried stockfish or cod are generally sold whole, sometimes in pieces, and sometimes just the heads are sold. These fish are seen as more robust and harder after they get dried, and so, the market sellers make use of a small carpenter, or a saw to cut them into medium pieces. Before you cook these fish, you should soak them into a little warm salted water for enabling the removal of sand or dirt. After that, you should steam or boil the fish for nearly 15-20 minutes, and during this time, the fish soften and become tender, and this makes the processing of breaking the flesh and bones pieces easy and including it to your primary food.

More about Icelandic fish

The Icelandic stockfish are delicious, and you can cook them in less time too. If you buy these fish from a reputed brand, like Laruche, then you won’t find the common sharp needle-like bones, and the fish from this company is well-known for their quality. These fish ensure that you will be able to satisfy your cravings for fish and so, you will understand why so many people crave for them. You can enjoy a delicious lunch with your family members, friends, and your closed ones when you have this fish on your plate.