Tips on Choosing the Right Chocolate Fountain


If you are a chocolate lover, then you can well imagine how tempting it would be to see a delicious chocolate fountain cascading its way smoothly through several tiers of an alluring waterfall. It is not only mouth-watering but a sensory delight. When you place it as a dish at your party it turns out to be the focal point of the event that is enjoyed by both kids and adults.

The factors to be considered

When you are planning to put up one in your gathering, always go for the best chocolate fountain. While selecting the best there are a few things you should keep in mind like:

  • Size – Depending on the number of invitees you need to decide whether you should go for a 2 or 3 tier or a ten-tier chocolate fountain.
  • Cost – The bigger the fountain, the more pounds of chocolate you would need to maintain the proper flow. The chocolate also needs to be of good quality for the fountain to operate smoothly. So, always estimate your budget taking into consideration all these factors.
  • Noise – Normally, machines are known to make a lot of noise. So, when it comes to a chocolate fountain, go for the one that makes the least noise so that it doesn’t annoy your guests. Also, it would be wise to place the fountain outside to neutralize the sound.
  • Features – There are quite a number of features that you should take care of while choosing a chocolate fountain like :
  • Look for fountains with adjustable feet and a built-in level to help youmaintain the level.
  • Fountains having different speed or temperature setting are considered ideal.
  • If you want to use it for substances other than chocolate, then go for an auger-style pump and not a single pump.
  • To maintain proper hygiene go for a machine having removable parts that can be cleaned regularly.

How doesit work?

Even if you get the best chocolate fountain, you should know how it operates to make sure that you don’t the product. The base of the fountain has a holding basin where the chocolate gets collected and a heater that melts the chocolate and maintains it at a certain temperature. The fountain is fitted with anauger-style pump that rotates the molten chocolate and brings it on the top. When this bowl gets filled, the chocolate overflows back to the holding basin. This process is repeated.