Tips to Improve Your Baking Skills


While we all love the taste of fresh baked goods, sometimes we cut corners when we do it ourselves. After all, life can get complicated and it often leaves us with less time for perfecting that baking skill then we would want. But there are some tried and true tips that will always help us to achieve triumph with our baked goods, and they don’t all mean you have to devote an entire day to baking.

Some are simple things like making sure that your gas supplier has topped up the tank before you start. Others are more about planning to ensure that baking is as good as it can get. It might even include finding ways to keep little fingers off the cooling goodies until the guests arrive. Whatever the reason you bake, and no matter who the end results are intended to impress, these are all great tips to keep in mind before that next baking escapade.

Room Temperature

It is important when you begin your baking that all your ingredients are at the same temperature. This is why you will often see instructions to use butter that has been softened to room temperature in many of the better recipes. When everything is at the same temperature, easier to achieve if everything is simply at room temperature, they will interact better.

Butter and eggs will become creamed with less effort if they are at the same temperature, as well as when you try to cream together sugar and butter. Just plan ahead and put those eggs and butter, even any fruit or veggies you plan to use, out on the counter a few hours ahead.

Be Generous

When you are preparing those pans for baking, be sure that you are heavy-handed when it comes to adding the flour and oil to the pans ahead of baking. A well buttered pan will make a huge difference in the end result, so be sure to thoroughly butter and dust it with flour before you start. Why take the time to bake something if it is ruined by sticking to the pan when you finish it?

Use Good Tools

Speaking of pans, why on earth would you put your hard labor into a thin ill-made and cheap baking pan at the end? While we may cringe at the price of a good set of baking pans, they are worth the investment in the long run.

A good set of baking pans, well cared for, can last for decades. So, skip those cheap bargain basement pans and check out the local baking supply shop for top quality pans that will never let you down, curl in high heat or simply not distribute the heat evenly in the pan. Not worth the money you spend, even if it is less.

Toss Out Old Ingredients

Sometimes we hang on to that box of baking soda way longer than we should. When you are getting ready to bake, be sure that you not only have all the ingredients on hand, but that they are fresh. If that box of baking soda has sat in the fridge opened for several months, toss it in your next bath water and buy a fresh box.

Same goes for opened containers of spices and dried herbs. They lose their potency as time goes by, so take time to be sure that what you plan to use is actually going to deliver because it is still potent and fresh.

Follow these tips and you will end up with baked good for the home that are not only tasty but worth the time and effort you put into them. After all, nothing quite captures the smell of home like a kitchen filled with the aroma of fresh baked bread!