Why Is Tramontina Popular?



What is Tramontina? – You ask. We are sure that this question can appear only if you do not know anything about cookware. Because if you have ever chosen the pans and pots for your own kitchen or looked for something of this kind as a gift, you just could not pass over this brand. Yes, Tramontina is the name of the Brazilian company producing kitchenware distributed all over the world. It is remarkable and worthy of special attention.


In Southern Brazil in 1911 a certain Valentin Tramontina, Italian by blood living abroad, founded the company which would become the mightiest manufacturer of kitchenware in almost a century. And since that very time it has been producing the home appliances of various kinds and for different purposes including high quality cutlery. The brand is reputed to its perfect solutions and innovative approach. A huge number of items are produced at its ten factories and delivered to 120 countries. Here over 7000 specialists work offering their professional experience and skills. The company operates in accordance with the strict inner standards which allow to provide the customers with the unique products at the affordable prices.

The designers of this company do their best to simplify the everyday life of people suggesting ergonomic items for cooking, serving, and eating. They create the particular value paying attention to details, consumers’ needs and requirements of the modern cooking techniques. Moreover, you can be sure that you use the eco-friendly products manufactured under the conditions specified in ISO 14001.


We should mention that the range of products is always renewed. The new product lines are launched. The constructions are updated and the quality of material is improved. As a result, the users of Tramontina cookware are always a step ahead compared with those who buy the other less popular brands. You will enjoy the design and colors as well as the properties of almost anything you choose. Whatever you need you will get it here because this brand is focused on satisfaction of the customers’ needs. The employees of the company analyze all reviews and comments as to the production and react in a wink improving the item or developing new constructions or looking the way to solve the problem which may occur.

Being a time proved producer it guarantees the high quality and keep a promise. Taking into account all the benefits you can add another one – its products are rather cost-effective. There are the lines of premium category which can be compared with the most expensive brands and there are the simple sets which are still of the same special highest quality. The diversity impresses. You are suggested to buy the items made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel, copper, ceramic. There are enamel and nonstick pans. You will never get dull with these colors, decorative features and convenient options.

Any restrictions?

As any producer Tramontina provides the guide with all instructions concerning the cookware use and storage. Every material should be maintained in the particular manner. The not-stick and ceramic items should be taken carefully; only silicon or wooden spatulas should be used. Here only low or medium heat is allowed. The pans made of stainless steel and aluminum requires the oil to cook on, so that you can prevent sticking. There are a lot of different recommendations which elongate the service time of the cookware. And this does not minimize the benefits which we have mentioned before.